HDAY: Fentanyl (bundle of 50)


Comprehensive and easy-to-read summary of how fentanyl affect your body and life.

The pamphlet includes statistics on fentanyl use in Australia, and information on:

  • fentanyl’s effects on the body
  • the interaction of fentanyl with other drugs
  • tolerance and dependence
  • withdrawal and treatment options
  • tips to prevent and reduce harm
  • telephone numbers for information, counselling and other services in every state.

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Easy-to-read pamphlet on how fentanyl affects your body and life. Includes the latest statistics on fentanyl use, plus information about its effects on the body, interaction with other drugs, tolerance and dependence, treatment and lots more.

Sold in bundles of 50.

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16 Page Pamphlet


Alcohol and Drug Foundation


Drug education in schools, People who use drugs, Support people & families, Health & treatment professionals, Workplace

Drug Types

fentanyl, depressant, opioids

Age groups

18-24, Adults